Lithuanian University of Health Sciences


The Lithuanian University of Health Sciences (LSMU) is a merger of Kaunas University of Medicine (KMU) and the Lithuanian Veterinary Academy (LVA). LSMU is now the biggest institution of higher education for biomedical sciences in Lithuania, continuing the best traditions of KMU and LVA.
LSMU has successfully integrated studies, research and clinical practice through its two main academies: Medical Academy and Veterinary Academy. While students of Medicine, Odontology and Nursing gain their practical skills at the LSMU Hospital, which is the largest medical institution in the Baltic States, where more than 1,200 highly qualified doctors and 2,400 members of the nursing staff take care of over 78,000 patients annually, Pharmacy students gain practical skills at the University Pharmacy, which is designed not only to serve the public but also to be the main training facility of the Faculty of Pharmacy, offering students a broad spectrum of practical knowledge and skills and providing them with first-hand working experience. For more information.

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